"What you seek is seeking you"

 - Rumi

Ah, good ol' Rumi. 

I love this quote and have seen its truth revealed in nearly every corner of my life. It's pretty remarkable when you begin to consider your life's work--and by that I mean, your LIFE AS A WORK--as one collective synchronicity. A weaving from varied colored weft threads to one unique and beautiful tapestry. The threads therein crafted for one purpose: to find and fold into one another, to make again something whole. 

I've come to believe that the art of doing/making/creating, in general, follows this same pattern, this same purpose; and when in sync with this process, we are ever better for it. 

In homage to this beautiful idea, I figure why not list some of my most treasured career goals, a bucket-list per se, in an effort to more directly connect to those who may be seeking me (although they may not yet know it). ♥

Short Term Career Goals:

Yosemite Wedding

Intimate wedding or Elopement. Cliffside, overlooking the valley floor or deep within the granite walls, I am happy wherever we are as long as we're in Yosemite. 

**Will happily provide a decent discount for the right gig

Live Birth

Haven't yet done a live birth and although it's not something I'd shoot consistently, I would so love the opportunity to photograph at least once in my life. 

Tulum Wedding

I love Mexican weddings and well, Tulum is next on my list! Better yet, would love a truly authentic Mexican wedding in Mexico!

Photograph a Family in Need

I try to do this a couple times a year, but am always open to connect with families that could benefit from a loving photo session. I especially would love to offer my services to a family that has lost their belongings in a natural disaster (fire, flood, etc.). 

Long Term Career Goals:

Meet/Interview an NDEr

I am completely fascinated by Near Death Research and have plans to start filming/photographing experiencers as part of a personal project. Would love to connect with anyone who has a personal story they'd like to share, or anyone looking to collaborate on a project like this.  

Work on a National Ad Campaign for a Major Non-Profit

An opportunity like this would no doubt be highly rewarding, professionally and personally. Would love to peer into the world of commercial photography, all the while helping a notable cause. 

Teach for a Major Institution

A long term goal is to eventually teach for a well established university and/or organization. 

Co-Organize an Annual Youth Retreat

An idea I've had in the back of mind is to start a retreat for at-risk youth, with the primary objective of teaching wellness through the art of photographic expression. 

If any of these ideas spark a real interest in you, 

please do get in touch with me at wildwhimdesign@gmail.com


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